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BGM - Redheaded Rover Girl by nightambre BGM - Redheaded Rover Girl by nightambre
Phew! Damn. This took over a -day- to do. My first serious foray into trying to do a line-artless CG. This is the same original character from that Maxwell pic I uploaded earlier, Eva Maxwell, though, she's actually doing her trade here. She's an Entertainer, botha musician and a dancer. She's doing the latter here, on the plains that she calls her home. On Black Gate, the Rovers are a nomadic people that travel the plains of the game world. And I even put a -background-.

This took way too long. I'm going to die now. *thud*
myra911 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2003
Oh my goodness, its beautiful!! The shadows and light are perfect. It almost gives her a soft glow.
drimi Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well - you did use your time on somthing nice.
She looks cute - the folderes and light is super.
Her face is nice with the light on the eyes
The bredst are well made - light/shadow
The missing outline - nice
The hair and string on her chest looks like the wind is taking the 2 different ways.

But nicenice work
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