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Quiet Embrace by nightambre Quiet Embrace by nightambre
My grande experiment in photoshop coloring. ... Not much to look at huh? Hee. I got lazy towards the end with the covering and the background. I'll probably continue to play with it to make it look right, but...bweh. This was Role-play inspired, and aye, t'is Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop and Vash the Stampede of Trigun. The actual picture was done about a month ago, and was drawn in a fit of depression and mushiness (the two never mix, really!). Then I got my tablet, and I set about just trying to color it to see what I could do. A month later... bweh. But over all, I am sort of proud how it came out, so. ^^ Enjoy.
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agentmothman Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2003
Y'know somthing? I've had the idea to put these two together too. Yeah. Anyway, it's a spiffic picture. Very nice.
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
Aww aww thats so adorable!! the hair looks really good :D (Big Grin)
hidl Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2003
The hair is awesome!! :D (Big Grin) I envy your skills. Vash looks so cute here ^___________^
dreamshadows Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Aww that's sweet; even if I never thought of Faye Faye with Vash myself anything can happen in rp ^^. I know what you mean about the depression and mushiness thing, I get that -alot-. Again I adore how you did the hair here-- especially Faye's it stands out so nicely. Well done.
lyssachan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
Ooh, very pretty. I love the hair! My colouring never comes out nearly as well, and I'd like to blame that on having to use mouse instead of a tablet, but I think I might have to blame it on my lack of talent one of these days :) (Smile) Anyway it's very pretty, kudos to you :) (Smile)

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January 25, 2003
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